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All about Electricity and the Solutions

by: RWA Webmaster on July 15, 2012, 11:21 am in Latest News

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All about Electricity and the Solutions

Recently major fault has occurred at gate no.2 it is not for the 1st time, but a repetition and cannot be avoided in future unless the residents of Ardee City take recourse to other options. The service provider “ARDEE MANAGEMENT” not being capable while their intentions are not honest and at the same time being negligent . From residents they have collected installation charges and security for full required load of 5KVA to 10KVA which includes infrastructure development & payment to DHBVN, From the collected amount they have more than Rs. One Crore as security to be deposited with DHVBN but they have deposited only Rs. 25 Lacs (approximately) with DHVBN. The load capacity required at present (without residency) is almost 15 MW therein at least 65% of the connected load should been taken. Against this we are having only 5 MW load that too including residency which is quiet deficient.

Why the Ardee Management does not get enhanced load.

1. It is necessary to have 66KV substation for enhancement of load as per DHBVN for which Ardee Management is not releasing the payment and space though they have collected the money from all residents.

2.     Absence of 66 KV Power Substation for which RWA is fighting bitterly and taken up the matter with appropriate authorities – they are under notice and evading on one pretext or other. Some politician and middle men help them

3.     Dues of Rs. 6.92 crores towards common sharing of infrastructure in the absence of 66KV Substation have been levied upon them by DHBVN as per policy of Haryana Govt. vide letter no.Ch-166/Drg/project lead dt.12/01/2011.Since they have not paid they are  debarred from enhancement of load or release of any further connection.

4.     Ardee Management as a temporary relief proposed to obtain a fresh connection of electricity for Residency in the name of “Residency RWA”, but the same RWA declined for having no faith in Ardee Management.

5.     Even if Ardee Management does arrange for enhanced load still the cabling arrangements for the infrastructure in the colony is of only 11KV capacity, which is sufficient only for 5 MW of load.

Electricity is a necessity and not a must for source of income. Ardee Management is cheating the residents. A time bound notice has been served to Ardee Management.

To this arrangement for using other way of obtaining enhanced load, RWA has a solution, if at all RWA proposals are consented by residents and accepted by Ardee management

Proposals to be consented and considered by the residents.

Out of three proposals one is to be adopted by the residents.

1st Option:. Handing over the system and metering to DHBVN.

1)            The cost per unit family shall come to around Rs. 20000/- to 25000/- for 5KVA to 10KVA load. Maintenance and consequences shall be done by DHBVN only, as in other colonies.

2)            All families have to adopt this system. Cabling etc. shall be responsibility of DHBVN.

3)            No settlement of electric security already paid to Ardee Management, Relation in respect to electricity supply with Ardee management comes to Zero. You are liberated BUT no Power Backup will be possible in future. Street lights not included in the cost.

2nd Option:    If present Electricity system is maintained by RWA.

1)        Multiple bulk connections /meters at multiple locations and from multiple sources so that redundancy & deficiency can be detected and maintained in our place of single point meter system.

2)        To buy load as per requirement, no tripping, no shut down.

3)        Accountability & exterior repairs by your own representatives.

4)        No change in Power Tariff ( as per existing DHBVN rates + service charges ).

How to work out.

i) Try to get load cost from Ardee Management – then no extra money required to be paid by residents.

ii) If they do not pay proceedings as per Law shall be initiated against them.

iii) Residents to pay cost of metering approx 20000/- to 25000/- .Maintenance shall be done by RWA. Complaint centre in Ardee City, no time wasting – no sweating, no pilferage which affects your pockets and cause hardship. No tension. Power backup possible in future. Every family has to opt for this. We have detailed workings if opted we shall provide with full details and transparency. Cost of street lighting included.

3rd option: To continue with present systems –

1. Time bound notice to builder has been served.

2. Legal notice for ignorance & deficiency to follow.

3. Full preparation to fight case in HERC, highest Court of Law.

4. Long wait for results, until management installs 66KV Power Substation, and does  infrastructure upgraded.

5. Compensation for causing service deficiency to residents to be asked for.

6. Disproportionate & defective metered bills have been reported by residents.

7. Until load enhancement is received, Residents to bear external and internal load shedding. Colony has only 30% of total load requirement.

Now so far we have consulted Advisors/Consultants, option 2 has been advised to be adopted which seems to be only long & short term way out.

What you agree give your Consent in writing only (Consent Slip printed below).

Through Executive members, office bearers or in the office of the Association . This is individual’s liability, so don’t form groups or don’t mislead or be misled by any one. Take your decision yourself and communicate. Your right option shall be solution to your hardship. The RWA shall process, proceed and communicate thereafter.

* Tenants to inform/contact their respective landlords to obtain consent.

* Volunteers who can contact their lane residents to obtain consent may pls contact RWA Executive Committee members.

Please Note :

Name & Address of all residents along with their responses will be published on our website (will be circulated later). You will know who wants things to happen & who does not.

Consent Slip

Name: ________________________________________________________________

Address : ______________________________________________________________

Contact Number : ________________________________________________________

Email ID :_______________________________________________________________

If RWA Member ,RWA Membership No.: ______________________________________

Yes, I agree with RWA recommendation ( Option : 2 ) : _________________________

No, I don’t agree with RWA recommendation ( Option : 2)  : _____________________

Signature : _________________________

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I agree to the Terms and Conditions

15.Sanjay Singh Negi said on April 7, 2014, 12:43 pm

Mr. Ambardar, you have accurately identified the critical problem...distribution network in the colony...That is why I suggest a technical audit of this network....any deficiency has to be interpreted as criminal default by the builder putting lives at risk....the builder has no choice...the network must comply with standards or the builder must go to jail...there is no two ways about it....

On the solar generation, international cost figures clearly project that by 2017, solar power will overtake coal based power meaning it will become cheaper....the Indian market is highly distorted...but the bottom line is that solar power will get cheaper than coal based power....governments will have to disentangle their convoluted pricing structures and take advantage....over all the net effect will be a sharp shift in demand supply equation....

The issue of roof top installations can be easily resolved....all residents can jointly invest and sell power to the grid when two metering starts....that is the best way of using solar....battery based solutions are highly sub is very compatible with actual demand maximum power is produced during the hottest part of the day when air conditioning demand is highest...the idea would be to use as much as possible and sell the rest....

14.Sushant Ambardar/Rajni Ambardar said on April 7, 2014, 10:56 am

Sanjayji in fact being power surplus is not the only requirement for residents to be happy about supply position of electricity. The power surplus state are selling power to other states or selling projects to private operators right from generation to consumption. Entire power generated is wheeled through the central grid. A larger issue lies with the internal distribution and sub distribution system system. The weakest link fails the entire process as is visible in our own colony. It is seldom a black out forced by cut of power. A weak internal distribution system is a major contributory. If residency which has been sanctioned a separate load of 2 MVA takes the onus of disassociating itself from our main distribution system and utilises it own sanctioned load; out major power availability problem will not exist.
For Solar power the Ministry has already approved projects for big players like Dalmia with committed purchase of power at bus bar at Re 15 per unit. So the prices will not come down at least for another 13 years.
Roof top needs large panels to absorb sun rays for photo cells to process them and charge the batteries. The entire system is hoisted on roof tops. In our colony the roof right rests with the top floor owner. You think the top floor owner will surrender his right to roof and allow a huge structure to be installed? I had during summer put a small cooler on one of the roof sides. The owner through the tenant conveyed me within a week, in strong words that the cooler be picked up or else will be thrown out. This is the case when the owner does not live in the flat and the tenant is a nice person and extremely cooperative.
I am not saying whatever you have said is not correct. What I mean is this probably is not a solution for our colony. This will work fine in some other colony but definitely not here. OUR BASIC ISSUE IS STRENGTHENING OF THE INTERNAL DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM which has nothing to do with availability of power. Definitely the next logical concern will be availability of power.
This is just exchange of views only and nothing to do with any suggestion from me or anybody else. I am scared the way these exchange of thoughts on this site are interpreted.

13.Sanjay Singh Negi said on April 7, 2014, 9:49 am

the power situation in the entire country is improving fast...Haryana is on the verge of becoming a power surplus state....and the demand supply equation is about to turn highly favorable in the next year or so...from this perspective there will be no load shedding in future and therefore no need for power backups which is an amusing concept by itself....there will be no struggles for getting enhanced load sanctions and government utilities like DHBVN would be chasing large consumers like housing colonies to sign up committed consumption units from them....the scenario will turn on its head virtually...and that is the way it should be....

Even better news....roof top solar prices will fall below DHBVN rates in the next 3 years...and if the government allows two way metering, low rise colonies like Ardee are most likely to become net sellers of power....

the only problem is the internal distribution network including the non existent substation...

We must focus on this...the RWA must get a technical audit done for the distribution network...and get the builder to make up....we must explore builder criminal violations of license terms and seek punitive action against the builder....soft options never work...we can wallow through life compromising at every step or we can stand firm and seek the right solutions....

Vikas Sanjit said on April 7, 2014, 9:13 am

We can look for one of the option presented by RWA in one of the old post

11.Vikramjit Singh said on July 25, 2012, 3:44 pm

Power situation was all right for a week due to supply from Haryana govt not because Ardee was suddenly generating more power. Because of the rioting the govt supplied electricity for about 7-10 days to appease people.

The hike in electricity bill may have something to do with this though I am not sure .

If the DHBVN is charging more for electricity then it is natural for Ardee to pass on the increase to residents.

10.Col. Sachit Sardana said on July 25, 2012, 3:17 pm

Good Healthy discussion,am sure the 2nd option should work well for us,if it ever see's the light of the day.I have two queries and would request responses.
(a) On the day , major power breakdown occured,we had been to Ardee office for protest the next day.There, Mr Kaul our RWA President had formally handed over a notice to M/s Ardee against their electricity and other related malpractices and said it would be followed up wef 16th July onwards.What has happened thereafter.Was it an exercise to really put Ardee on notice or an eyewash to pacify agitated residents .Things were alright for a week but we are back to square one again.Next year is going to be worse with new dwellings coming up.

(b) We pay 10 or 12 percent charges towards electricity usage in our bills,How is this money used,because each month if an average household in summer pays Rs 300/- towards this then for 2200 dwellings/families it amounts to Rs 6,60,000(approx).It may be more as in my lane I have seen bills ranging from Rs 7000/- to Rs 12000/-Does this amount only go towards salaries of employees or also towards buying and replacing with new equipment ,or ardee is only resorting to adhocism.Their usage of service charges are auditable by RWA or not???

Maybe if we are coopted in ardee mngmt as members of RWA with veto on expenditure,things may just improve.

9.Vikramjit Singh said on July 25, 2012, 11:45 am

Again we need to be aware that entire Haryana State is messed up electricity wise . so regarding electricity Let's not blame Ardee City alone.

If you are really angry about this vote out the govt in elections and support Anna Hazare because the roots of all this are in the corruption in power tenders and operation of power sector by govt and public sector...much like Air India.

Romesh Kumar Gupta said on July 25, 2012, 7:19 am

I fully agree with the comments of Shri Jainiti Singh said on July 23,2012.Under the circumstances , it seems that no improvement is possible in the affairs of the colony.

Jainiti Singh said on July 23, 2012, 1:38 pm

We pay peanuts and we get monkeys - so why crib!! It's absolutely fair what we are getting for what we are paying!

Ardee Residents are not bold enough to take drastic steps..... I really admire the collective resilience and decision making of the J-Block, Mayfield Gardens who having got fed-up with the builder's inactions that they took things in their own. Their belief in their collective decision making and their will to make things happen - I SALUTE THEM!

I think we should stop raving and ranting in such virtual forum because it NEVER translates into any ACTION.

Those who want to give it a try - even those efforts are damned and shunned even before one can begin doing something.

So, we should just live in the situation we are living forever and not complain. The BUILDER IS NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING TO IMPROVE ANYTHING IN ARDEE CITY - if someone thinks that is the case, they are only living in a make believe world.

I think it's best for lanes or even cluster of houses to manage their own problems like security, cleanliness, horticulture and power backup.

Those who can afford it, can very well build this infrastructure around themselves and not be an impediment and unnecessary burden on others who may not want to be burdened with such infrastructure deployment.

.......... and in this whole process of there being ZERO UNITY amongst Ardee City Residents the Verma family viz. Shibani, Shefali & Mrs.Meenakshi Verma have the last laugh :-) - they simply do not need to work hard towards Ardee City - we are all free employees for them working in their best interest only.

And to top it all, I think, Ardee City is a political bait and victim of certain local politicians, builders and certain other vested interests to further their own hidden agendas!!

Romesh Kumar Gupta said on July 22, 2012, 7:42 pm

We should all agree to an option which provides us un-interrupted power supply & hassle-free maintenance of electric lines and sub-stations.The Builder has defaulted to provide one-acre land to Electricity deptt. for construction of a 66-KV Sub-Station merely to mint money by constucting new flats to sell the same without caring for their responsibility to cater to legitimate requirements of residents.

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