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UPDATED - (12-10-2012) Ardee Increased Maintenance at Rs. 2 Per Sqft

by: RWA Webmaster on September 29, 2012, 5:05 pm in Latest News
UPDATED - (12-10-2012) Ardee Increased Maintenance at Rs. 2 Per Sqft


Dear Residents,

Here is an update in our case CC/157/09 ( 3 Major decisions were taken yesterday by Hon. Forum ).

1) Our case is still pending before the Hon.Forum for adjudication ( Stay continues ) & the interim order dtd 29.01.2009 is still in force.In view of the above mentioned order builder / service provider cannot charge more than Rs.225 pm for maintenance & Rs.100 pm for water.

2) Our case is separate from CC/268/09 ( which is Residency Case ).Both cases are not connected.

3) No other group or organisation is party in our case , its only Ardee City RWA.

Be part of your RWA & protect your interests or you may repent later.

** Order issued by Hon. Forum is attached.

President, Vice President & Gen. Secretary
Ardee City RWA


Legal Notice sent to Ardee (builder) is attached for your reference at



1) Update regarding legal proceedings against Ardee (builder):

a) That, in August 2009, the RWA filed a case no. 157/2009 in Hon’ble Consumer Court seeking a restraint on the Ardee Housing pvt. Ltd and Ardee Infrastructure to desist from increasing the maintenance charges payable by the residents of Ardee city.

b) The Hon’ble Court, vide its order dtd. 29.01.2009, restrained Ardee Infrastructure Pvt Ltd / M/s Ardee Housing Pvt Ltd from increasing the maintenance charges beyond Rs.225/- pm for maintenance and Rs.100/- pm for water.

2) ‘Chaupal’, during the court proceedings, tried their best to interfere in the court for being impleaded as a party in the case, which the Hon’ble Court DISALLOWED. Instead, the court brought them under the ambit of case no. 268/residency, which is / was between Ardee city Residency Apartments Vs Ardee Housing / Ardee Infrastructure; And directed the Ardee management to ‘hear’ the pleadings of the Chaupal in that case.

3) Please note that both the cases are different and there is no status change or order in our case against Ardee.

4) During the intervening period, there was a gut feeling that the case file was attempted to be tempered with by some unknown persons having some vested interests. Timely intervention by our vigilant colleagues / advocates prevented them to cause any damage. Consequently, the two cases are mutually exclusive and proceeding separately.

5) Evidence of documents is being uploaded on website which is self-explanatory.

a) The Hon’ble Court order restraining Ardee management from increasing maintenance charges, as mentioned above;

6) It was further advised that the actions/ defence of the RWA would hold good for only the valid members of the RWA. Other residents remain vulnerable because the agreement for maintenance is between individual resident and the Ardee management, unless he/she has duly authorised the RWA for common cause, as a valid member.

7) Hence, it becomes necessary for each and every resident to become a member of the RWA to remain insulated from the reckless and illegal actions of the Ardee management.

8) Owner-residents should become yearly member / life-members and tenants should become yearly members.

9) Individual protest letters are available in the RWA office which can be obtained from there to be mailed to them individually/ collectively.

Draft copy of protest letter is available at:

Attached below is circular and copy of court case:



Dear Residents,

We have got information that Ardee Infrastructure has increased its maintenance bill at Rs. 2 per sqft from Sep, 2012, without even informing anybody or RWA. Some of residents have received a hefty maintenance bill of Rs. 3000 today.

We hereby want to clarify situation that court stay on maintenance charges has not changed for Ardee city and decision is still pending as of current. Therefore sending such bill is not only showing a dictator behavior but it’s a contempt of court as well.

We Ardee City RWA strictly advice all residents NOT TO PAY ANY MAINTENANCE BILL until next instructions. Please be assured that you will not be barred from any service or supply.

We are looking into this matter urgently and require all residents support to fight strongly against such shameless act from Ardee. We also advice don’t be affected by rumors and useless advices by any other people or group.


Ardee City RWA




**Important: Please post responsibly. Any violent, racial intolerance, defamation or advocacy against any individual, group, or organization are prohibited. Any such content violation will result in permanent removal of content and ban from all services. For details read - Terms of Services

I agree to the Terms and Conditions

55.Vikramjit Singh said on December 5, 2012, 9:58 am

so we have to again start paying maintenance to Ardee City at the old rate ? The new bills are showing the backdated invoices as well.

Is it back to Status Quo ?

54.Surendra Kumar Jain said on November 18, 2012, 11:29 am

Let us know the update on the court case which was listed for 16th Nov.

53.Sushant Ambardar/Rajni Ambardar said on November 7, 2012, 10:43 am

I had been to Ardee office to ask for the latest on maintenance issue. They say some decision has to come on 16 this month after which the maintenance bills will be raised. Hope we get some reasonable favourable discision.

52.Manoj Ailawadhi/Simi Ailawadhi said on November 6, 2012, 8:52 pm



thankyou very much for the information SIR


manoj ailawadhi

51.Manoj Ailawadhi/Simi Ailawadhi said on November 5, 2012, 3:20 pm

can any body tell us the status of our maint bill of last month and this month  pl update


manoj ailawadhi

50.Rajendra Prasad Aggarwal said on November 5, 2012, 1:21 pm

Has anyone received the electricity bill so far?

49.Sanjay Singh Negi said on November 5, 2012, 12:21 pm

Yes, this month Ardee has not even sent the maintenance bill...everyone is waiting with bated breath...

48.V.K. Sharma said on November 4, 2012, 10:13 pm

Dear Manoj
Since we had received inflated bill last month for the maintenance, we have not paid the same. This month, Ardee has not raised the bill as the matter is subjudiced and cann't send the hiked bill and at the same time not ready to take the old rates.

RWA is doing its job. Let us hope things will be set right soon.


Vijender Kumar Sharma,
C-69/SF Platinum Greens

47.Sanjay Singh Negi said on October 28, 2012, 6:52 pm

Just a few points:

In Mayfield Gardens, residents have thrown out the developer, but many residents have stopped paying the maintenance bill of Rs.300 per month. Only about half the residents are paying the monthly maintenance charges after the developer has left. So before we think of throwing out Ardee, we must consider the possibility that many residents would take advantage of the vacuum and stop paying altogether. We may fall from the frying pan into the fire.

People pay electricity bills because they fear disconnection. However maintenance defaults cannot be prevented, because water cannot be disconnected legally and no other service like road maintenance or parks can be restricted.

One advantage of having Ardee is that they are able to routinely collect maintenance bills without any problems.

The other issue is about RWA membership. Ideally it should be compulsory. The best way would have been to collect the fee as part of the monthly maintenance bill. For that Ardee needs to be on board. But given the adversarial position between the RWA and Ardee, this may not be the opportune time to take this up.

46.Anup Kr. Sharma/Monica Sharma said on October 21, 2012, 8:14 pm

I was not there in the city when all these developments (increment and our fight with Ardee management) happened. Being a member of RWA I offer full support to our RWA and also request other residents to be the member of RWA (if they are not registered yet). This will strengthen our RWA. If we all residents joint our hands, then RWA can throw Ardee management out of this premises within no time.

I urge each resident to support this movement of RWA. Ardee management has become vulture and parasite by continuing the way they are operating now.

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