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Proceedings of Open House on Nov 30, 2014

by: P. Srinivasan on December 1, 2014, 2:48 pm in Latest News

Proceedings of Open House on Nov 30, 2014 at 11 AM

On 30th November, 2014, a meeting of the Open House was held at 11.00 a.m. at the Games Park, Ardee City, Gurgaon. Over 73 residents attended. From the Governing Body, Sarvashri Arvind Kumar, M.M. Arora, Dr. Manoj Khanna , Vikas Sanjit and P. Srnivasan were present.

  • Opening the discussion, Dr. Manoj khanna, welcomed the audience and thanked them for sparing the time for being present, which was a clear sign that they were anxious to stay attached with the RWA. Thereafter, he gave an over-view of the issues dealt with during the last 8-9 months, the results achieved, and  the difficulties faced in dealing with the Management, some times involving intervention by the police, etc. To mention a few, the issues related to convincing the District Forum that the progress on the part of the Ardee Management was not satisfactory and that they were resorting to unhealthy practices of harassment, etc. As a result after a long battle, the Forum on the 29th August, 2014, gave a judgment, ruling that (I) electricity bills and the maintenance bills could not be linked and that the same should be accepted independently; (2), the Management should hand over the O.Cs. To RWA; and (3) RWA is free to revoke the authority to Management (OP) for maintenance. Despite court orders, the Management is not reconciled to any of these points and no helpful attitude is visible in them. A small development in the matter of revocation has happened, i.e. the Management has obtained a stay from the State Consumer Forum. Unfortunately, the RWA was not issued any notice by the State Forum on the Management's appeal. The next date of hearing in that forum is January 16, 2015. We shall be doing our best to get the stay vacated. The District Forum has also fixed 25th February, for hearing the case, i.e. after the fate of the case in State forum becomes available.
  • Another point discussed in detail was related to the RWA maintenance Escrow Account. The meeting overwhelmingly endorsed the action and were in favour of continuing the same. Some members raised the question of legality of this Account. Others wanted to know how it would help the basic cause. It was clarified that the RWA was not in favour of NOT paying to the Management their rightful dues. Since the Management was not performing satisfactorily, the residents were highly agitated and did not want to pay to them the maintenance charges as high as Rs.1686/- pm. The Escrow route was adopted so that the dues do not go on mounting and that the payments received could not be used for any other activity/purpose. Hence, a separate account was devised. The members were assured that their money is safe in a bank account and any amount left therein after payment to the Management in compliance with the court orders would be refunded to them only.   
  • In this context, the members were informed that RWA would be extending additional facility of collecting the electricity and maintenance bills at RWA office  from the residents if they are tendered at least two working days before the due date of payment between 11.00 a.m. And 4.00 p.m. (except Wednesday) Receipts of electricity bills would be returned after it is paid at Ardee Office and duly stamped as received.  The maintenance bills would be acknowledged as  “Received for Escrow Account” in addition to the entries in the Register devised for this purpose.  The meeting was also informed that very soon it would be possible to convey this information through e-mail/SMS messages wherever possible. As suggested at the meeting similar information would also be passed on to Ardee Management, the local Police Station, the STP/D.C., etc. We welcome more such suggestions from the members, so that RWA can discharge the functions expected of it.
  • The house was also informed that the process of holding elections to the vacant collegiums/seats has  been set rolling. A letter of appointment has been issued to Shri Y.M. Ambardar, as a first step. Similarly, action for auditing of the Accounts of RWA for 2013-14 has also been initiated.

At this stage, the process of  Questions/queries by the Open House started. They were mostly related to:

  • Maintenance of roads should be as per an agreed schedule. Some roads continue to be badly neglected because of unwarranted change in  their priorities.  Street lights in B Block especially B-15 to 27 are dysfunctional for a long time. Those wanting to see past accounts are welcome at the RWA office to see the same with prior intimation. In the matter of encroachments on footpaths, whereas the RWA will take action, the members were also requested to keep a vigil in this regard . Shri Munish Bangia (Mob.9873436419) spoke at length and offered to help in media's association with the RWA's cause. Thanks to him. Shri Deep Chaudhury pointed out that the construction near his house goes on all and any hour of the day and night. He was requested to supply the details of the builder so that RWA could write to him to observe decent working hours. Shri K.K. Arora and Shri G.D. Narang emphasized that electricity  and water supply were of the utmost concern and should be ensured to the residents. Shri Arora suggested that the water supply could be billed separately from the maintenance charges. Right from the beginning water is charged separately and not as a part of maintenance charges. This will greatly help. Besides, water charges is not a dispute in any court. Only the maintenance charges are being agitated in the Distt. Consumer Forum, etc.  Shri Dipesh Rastogi hit a point of humour by saying that the RWA has separated their block from the rest of the Ardee City, by constructing a gate between the two.  It was agreed to go into the genesis of this gate; how it came up and how to get rid of it if the residents do not want it.
  • A very interesting  and useful suggestion was mooted at the meeting that the RWA should implement a proposal making residents as life members on payment of Rs.1100/-per person. This would not only give us a substantial membership for the RWA, but also result is handsome funds, thereby obviating any necessity to raise funds for any immediate requirement, without disturbing our existing kitty, in the following manner: It is to inform you all that “ Total residents are estimated at 2500. Out of them 408 are life members and 638 are normal members, i.e. 2092 (2500 – 408) members need to be covered under the new idea. Out of 2092, 638 have paid varying sums towards membership. That means 1454 residents have not paid any membership and  @ Rs.1100/- per person, the collection would come to Rs.15,99,400/-, say about Rs.16.00 lakhs. Plus, whatever may come from the 638 ordinary members. The depressing point is that it would be only one-time collection with no future collections from the present residents. Of course, new entrants will be an addition. “ The RWA governing body and General body would discuss this matter in their next meetings.

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