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RWA Update on Actions 12-Aug-2014

by: Manas Tripathi on August 12, 2014, 10:47 am in Latest News

Communiqué dated Aug 12, 2014

  • As already intimated through communication network, the DHBVN has again increased the electricity tariff by 50p per unit with effect from April 2014. A copy of the official notification is available in office for reference purposes.
  • The RWA is preparing to celebrate the Independence Day on the 15th August 2014 near its office premises.  The programme would comprise hoisting of the national flag, followed by the national Anthem and patriotic songs, poems by children and jokes by others. The programme will begin at 9.30 a.m. and conclude with distribution of Prasadam (Ladoos).  Interested members and their children can also prepare small skits and fancy dress items on the theme of Independence Day.  All the members are welcome to participate in the function.
  • The rates for ironing of clothes in Ardee City have been streamlined in consultation with the dhobis and the members are requested to please follow these rates. These are:
    • Rs 3 /- for an adult pant, shirt, jeans, t-shirt, suit, salwar, kurta etc.
    • Rs 15/- for a sari
    • Rs 10/- for a single bed sheet and Rs 20/- for a double bed sheet
    • Rs 10/- for a plain curtain and Rs 15/- for plain curtain with the lining
    • Curtain with pleats Rs 5/- per pleat
    • Kurta Pajama with starch Rs 5/-
    • Kids clothes Rs 2.50

These rates are suggestive for the purpose of standardization. Residents are requested to ask each vendor’s to show their Identity Card / Payment Receipt to ensure that they follow the broader guidelines.

  • The gist of discussion in the meeting of the Deputy Commissioner held on July 23, 2014, has already been reported in brief through our communication network.  A complete copy of minutes is now available in office.  A copy of the items relating to Ardee City, such as Community Centre/Club, sanitation, water supply, etc. is reproduced below for general information:


  • Occupation Certificates: Sh. Anil Hasija representative of the colonizer informed that they have submitted the case in the office of DG TCP for grant of occupation certificates. The office of DG TCP has raised an objection that the commensurate EWS component has not been constructed. The representative of the colonizer informed that as part of the land is subjudice, therefore, EWS component could not be constructed. STP, Gurgaon informed that as per the requirement, the colonizer is required to construct the commensurate EWS component before grant of occupation certificate. The Chairman observed that there appears to be some stalemate in view of the report of the colonizer that the land on which EWS component is to be constructed is subjudice and the Department is stressing for constructing of EWS component before grant of occupation certificate. Therefore, in the interest of the allottees, this is required to be sorted out by the Department in consultation with the colonizer at the earliest. (Action by STP Gurgaon and Ardee City)
  • Sewerage System: The sewerage system of the colony does not function properly due to faulty alignment level between the sewer line of the colony and master sewer line of HUDA.  SE, HUDA-1, Gurgaon informed that the master sewer line of HUDA has been correctly laid as per the overall ground conditions and the colonizer is required to check the level of sewer line of the colony. Otherwise also, it is the responsibility of the colonizer to check the level of the master sewer of HUDA for laying the sewer line of the colony. After deliberation, it was decided that XEN HUDA and representative of Ardee would inspect the sewer line and submit report along with solution.
  • Construction of security wall: Sh. Anil Hasija informed that the boundary wall is there except a small portion of land, which is subjudice due to which the boundary wall could not be constructed. It was decided that keeping in view of security of the residents of the colony, the colonizer can take up the matter in the Hon. Court with a submission that in the interest of security of the residents, the construction of the boundary wall may be allowed subject to outcome of the case. The representative of the colonizer was directed to take necessary action and submit the report. (Action: Ardee).
  • ARDEE CITY RESIDENTS WELFARE ASSOCIATION  raised the issue of lack of basic facilities like roads, sewerage, drainage and security in the colony. It was apprised that as per decision already taken, the overall provision of internal services specifically condition of roads and parks are being checked by the office of STP, Gurgaon. Therefore, the position of roads/parks will be got checked in this exercise and the further action will be taken accordingly.
  • Provision of community centre and club: The representative of the colonizer informed  that the layout plan is under revision and hence the construction on the community centre/club cannot be initiated. On the specific query whether the position of the site of the community site/club as provided in the approved layout plan is also being changed or not, the representative informed that this position is not being changed.  In view of it, it was decided that when the original position of the site is not being changed and there is a request from the RWA itself for construction of the community centre/club, therefore the colonizer is required to initiate action for the construction of community centre/club and the RWA will not object to its constructions when as per policy of the Department, the revised layout plan will be circulated for inviting objections.
  • During the past week, we have approached the STP, Gurgaon in person and sought information about the number of O.Cs issued and the cases in which they remained to be issued along with reasons for the same. We also complained that the Ardee City is being subjected to humiliating level of unauthorized construction/encroachments, which will ultimately reduce this millennium colony into a millennium slum. The STP gave suitable instructions on both the points. Further development is under watch.
  • The stand to be taken before the Hon. District Forum on the 29th instant is receiving due consideration of not only the Governing Body but a few enlightened Collegium members and others also.

Hoping to receive fruitful feedback/suggestions regarding Independence Day celebrations from members.










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