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by: RWA Webmaster on March 26, 2010, 3:47 pm in Guidelines For Residents

There is no such things as a burglar-proof home. What there is, however – using burglar’s double criteria of speedy entry and not attracting attention - are homes that are too difficult to break in to.

The enemies of burglar are time and attention. The longer it takes to enter and the more noise it makes increases his chance of being noticed, seen and caught. Homes not easily and quickly broken into are most often bypassed for easier targets.

Although the main focus of this is to deter burglars, what is talked about on this article is an example of “walk-away” mentioned on the page.

Let’s see which are the those measures which will deter a burglar to break in:

Ø    Make your home security system like an onion, not an egg.

Layers upon layers are not only the best deterrents, but the best defence against break ins

Ø     Pretend to be a Burglar.

Walk around your property and ask yourself: how would I break in? Examine your house from the street, where are the blind spots? What the most vulnerable areas and therefore, likely to be attacked? stand outside the windows and look in, make sure no valuables, like expensive electronics or artwork are visible. If you can see your belongings doing this, so can criminals.

Ø    Consider the area that the lock sits in.

A lock is not enough, you must address the area around it. you need to extend your thinking about security measure to 18 and 24 inches around the lock itself. That is the area you must protect.

Ø    As well as locking something, you must also protect the lock and its components.

A common combination of cheap locks and small constructions flaws, that we tend not to notice, often give criminals the “cracks” in security they need to break in.

Ø    Brace doorframes and put multiple locks on all outside doors

What he doesn’t know “will” hurt him. With a little extra work the bracing can be hidden behind the doorframes internal molding and will not be noticeable from either inside or outside. For the burglar, this is like unexpectedly hitting an invisible wall.

Ø    Find alternative to normal deadbolts in doors that have windows (or windowed frames)

Talk with a vendor about what is available.

Ø    Treat inside garage doors the same as an outside door: multiple locks and bracing.

Even though it is inside your home, it must be able to withstand a full out assault. Often, the doors that access the house from the garage are hollow-core and have cheap locks (if they are locked all) which is why break ins through garages are so common.

Ø    Get and close heavy drapes - especially on rooms where there is expensive equipments.

Thin, sheer drapes – although attractive – also allow burglars to look inside.

Ø    In really bad neighborhoods, gets safety bars on the windows.

In so-so neighborhoods, you might want to considers putting them on side windows – especially ones that are perfect break–in spots.

Ø    Make sure sliding glass doors and windows are installed correctly.

Not everyone in the construction industry is a security expert. And their incompetence and laziness can cost you plenty.

Ø    Install motion detectors in areas where no one should be.

This way, you know something isn’t right when they go off.

Ø    Get a dog.

A barking dog, whether inside the house or the yard is proven as the best deterrent to burglars.

Ø    Create a neighborhood watch on your block.

Even just the signs often send would–be burglars elsewhere.

An alert and involved community is the criminal’s nemesis. it is often reason enough for him to try business elsewhere.

Ø    Leave the lights, stereo/TV on.

An empty house “feels” empty. There is no vibration or noise inside that indicates someone’s presence. Put the “vibes” in.

Although this is not a guaranteed deterrent, it can serve as a “bluff” to young, inexperienced prowlers.

Ø    Etch your name on all electronic equipments TV/stereo /computer etc.

Etching, in and of itself serves as a deterrent in case of break ins, failing that it greatly assists the police in the recovery of your property.

Ø    Get a locker.

It’s not just cash and jewels that need to go in there, but your important paperwork.

Ø    On top of the everything else, get an alarm system.

This is another layer of the onion. You can go anywhere from a basic system to incredibly high tech.

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